Program Director

The Program Director is responsible oversight of curriculum development, budgeting, human resources, and public relations. The program director sets the direction and vision for Lighthouse and empowers the program coordinators with the resources to implement the program.
Program Coordinators

The program coordinators have responsibility for much of the day to day operations including scheduling and course offerings. The program coordinators oversee the tutoring program and after school program. Often program coordinators also function as tutors and class instructors.
Tier 1 Tutors

Tier 1 tutors have responsibility for classroom instruction and private tutoring. As the most qualified instructors, they also provide guidance in curriculum design. Their tutoring assignments are established by the program coordinators.
Tier 2 Tutors

Tier 2 tutors have responsibility for private tutoring as assigned by the program coordinators. Additionally, they may provide instruction in some supplementary classroom programs.
Tier 3 Tutors

Tier 3 tutors have responsibility for private tutoring and general work with students in elementary of junior high. These tutors do not provide classroom instruction.
After School Coordinators

After school coordinators are responsible for the day to day operation of the after school program. This includes coordination of student pickup, snacks, and homework supervision. After school coordinators report to the program coordinator over the after school programs.