For Credit Classes 2017

In short, Lighthouse has the best instructors, excellent curriculum, lowest cost.  For any reason, if you are not satisfied with our WASC program, you will get 100% refund.

  • Lighthouse is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), so you can be confident you are receiving quality instruction. All of the credit classes will transfer to any Hart District School. 
  • All courses meet A-G requirements, thus LLC classes will transfer to both UC and CSU schools.
  • Lighthouse continues to offer all of the math classes from pre-algebra through calculus, but is the only WASC approved learning center to offer other courses such as government, health, languages and etc.
  • We have the BEST instructors in town, most of our classes are taught by credentialed Hart District teachers, thus ensuring that we will have the best instruction and follow the district curriculum.
  • Receive credit over the summer or school semester in only four weeks, and also available in a private tutoring or online.

Why You Should Take the Classes at LLC 

  • Classes are taught by outstanding instructors, most are credentialed teachers that work for Hart School District. 
  • Curriculum and pacing plan is identical to Hart School District, so students that completes course at LLC will be successful at current school. 
  • Small class sizes (normally 12 students per class) 
  • Lighthouse is the only program to offer for credit Health, Government, Spanish, and Korean classes in SCV
  • Lowest cost for-credit program . 

Classes Offered

 MathematicsForeign LanguagesSocial Studies English Science Other 
Pre-Algebra ASpanish 1AMod. Civ. A9th Grade ABiology AHealth
Pre-Algebra BSpanish 1BMod. Civ. B9th Grade BBiology BPhys. Ed. 
Algebra ASpanish 2AUS Hist. A10th Grade APhysics APhys. Ed. B
Algebra BSpanish 2BUS Hist. B10th Grade BPhysics B 
Geometry ASpanish 3AGovernment11th Grade A  
Geometry BSpanish 3BEconomics11th Grade B  
Algebra 2AKorean 1A 12th Grade A  
Algebra 2BKorean 1B 12th Grade B 
Algebra 2A/ TrigonometryKorean 2A    
Algebra 2B/ TrigonometryKorean 2B    
TrigonometryKorean 3A    
Pre-Calculas AKorean 3B    
Pre-Calculas B
Calculas A/B     
Calculas C/D 

Classes are offered in different formats to accommodate your schedule and cost.  All classes can be completed online or in private tutoring.  Many are available in small class formats.

Summer Sessions 

  • Classes are conducted over a four-week period.
  • During each week the student will attend 10 hours of instruction. During the course of the program they will receive 40 hours of lecture and also be responsible for quizzes and exams. 
  • Since classes are 4 weeks, students can complete a full year during the summer.
  • The student will have homework, quizzes, and exams through the four week period. 
  • Upon completion of the class, Lighthouse will send a transcript to the student's school indicating their completion of the class. 
Weekly Lectures 
  • The primary instruction for the math program comes through a small group lecture. Lighthouse’s program runs small class sizes to provide focused instruction. 
  • Normal class sessions are 3.25 hours in length. If a student is absent for a lecture, that student is required to complete 1 hour of private instruction for each two hours of missed class (for an additional charge) to cover this missing portion. 

Fall and Spring

  • Classes meet twice a week.
  • Classes meet for a approximately 40 hours of instruction. 
  • Students can join the class whether they are taking the class for credit or not for credit (if students are not taking this class for credit, this is an excellent way to supplement what they are learning at school and not having to pay the high cost of private tutoring.) 
  • Classes will start 3 weeks after the school semester begins.
  • Another benefit during the semester is that students will start the course later and finish before the semester ends