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Grading Policy

Lighthouse Learning Center desires for every student to succeed in our math program, however it is vital that students learn the material in the class before progressing to another math class. Towards this end we have crafted the following grading policy to evaluate student progress.

20% of the course grade is derived from homework completion. The student is required to complete the homework for each section before each exam. The student’s work will be examined by the instructor and checked for completeness.

80% of the grade is derived from the course exams and quizzes. The student will take three or more exams. The exams are comprehensive and reflect the material cover in the lectures and homework.

There will be 4 or more quizzes, which reflect a smaller portion of material than the exams and are not cumulative (they focus only upon the most recent sections). 

 Homework  20%
 Quizzes and exams    80%


The student will receive full marks for the homework if it is complete and turned in before taking the exam. Homework that is incomplete will receive a twenty percent reduction per day it is late. The students are provided with ample time and help to complete the homework and are encouraged to ask questions of the instructor. It is imperative that students complete the homework on time as this reinforces the material covered in lecture and prepares the student for the examinations.

The quizzes are short (between 10 and 20 questions) and brief (designed to take approximately 20 minutes to complete). It is at the instructor’s discretion to offer partial credit on the quiz.

The exams are significantly longer than the quizzes (between 30-50 problems) and can take a longer time to complete (they are designed to be completed within one hour). The exams reflect the material covered in the course and have problems similar to those covered in the homework and on the quizzes. The student is allowed to take up to 2 hours to complete the exam in one sitting.

Final Grades:
Grading will be calculated on a percentage basis and a letter grade will be assigned according to the scale below. Grades A through C- will receive credit for successfully completing the class.

 A  93-100%  
 A-  90-93%  
 B  83-90%  
 B-  80-83%  
 C  73-80%  
 C-  70-73%   
 D  63-70%   
 D-  60-63%   
 F  0-60%   

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