For Credit Classes

Lighthouse Learning Center is one of two WASC-accredited learning centers located in the Santa Clarita Valley. We would like to provide you with an introduction to the philosophy behind our Mathematics program.

A Focus on Supplementation
We recognize that our student’s primary instruction is provided through the high school. We also recognize that high school programs are arranged in “tracks” of classes. These tracks exist to guide students through the program and avoid issues in scheduling, class completion and academic preparedness. As a supplemental program, we desire to facilitate this design, not undermine it. We are concerned about providing continuity between our programs and those of the student’s primary school. Our focus is not to push students into material they are unprepared for, but to help students who are off-track or need additional instruction.

A Focus on Remediation
We have structured our programs with a primarily remedial focus. The intention is to help students who have either failed or received a low grade in a class the opportunity to relearn the material. Often, a student simply needs more exposure and time to fully grasp the material. Our program exists to serve these students. For this reason, students who simply desire to move ahead to another math class will not be the focus of the program. These students would be considered with the approval and support of the student’s counselor.

A Focus on Integration
Lighthouse desires to come alongside the Hart District and provide programs that will supplement and not hinder students in their progress towards graduation. Towards this goal, Lighthouse requires counsel from the student’s last math teacher and school counselor before participating in our program. This requirement is to prevent a student from taking a class that would not compliment the district learning objectives. Additionally, all classes offered by Lighthouse have been designed to conform to the district’s learning goals. Therefore Lighthouse covers the same material in our course. The purpose is to provide the highest level of continuity between our programs and the courses offered within the district.

A Focus on Student Goals
Attending college is a priority for most students and we feel it is our responsibility to do all we can to help them reach it. Lighthouse intends to offer classes which meet the A-G requirements. In the case that a class has not received approval, Lighthouse will clearly reveal this to students, parents, teachers and counselors to determine if the course still helps the student reach his/her academic goals.

A Focus on Excellence
Lighthouse desires excellence in all our programs. Because of this, our desire is to begin small and expand slowly. Lighthouse will begin offering summer classes during 2008. These classes will be five-week courses requiring a total of 30 hours of instruction and 10 hours of guided study hall. Additional study hall and private instruction are available. Lighthouse will be offering courses in all sections of Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry. These courses have been selected for the purpose of helping students in need of remediation.

We desire to be a resource to you, the counselors and teachers of our students. If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations as we begin this process please feel free to contact us at any time either by email or by phone. We have attached the student application for enrollment to this document for your information.

Tae Chang, Ed. D.
Program Director