Lighthouse Staff

Lighthouse boasts about having the best qualified instructors, and all instructors go through a rigorous training. Our staff truly cares for the students that they have the fortune to interact with, and our instructors graduated from top universities and have a wealth of knowledge. Our staff is friendly with students and with each other in a way that fosters a warm learning and working environment. Some of our staff members are:

  • Dr. Wei Chen, Postdoctoral at Cal Tech
  • Amber Saare, Univ. of Texas
  • Chris Martin, MA Masters
  • Susan Leung, Yale Univ.
  • Tom Christie, Univ. of Arizona
  • John Kim, Baylor Univ.


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Dr. Wei Chen
Caltech Lead Math Instructor
Jean Kim
Caltech Math Instructor
Mary Kim
Baylor Univ. Credential El. Teacher
Susan Leung
Yale Univ. English Instructor
John Chae
Science & English Instructor
Aimee Bryan
CSU, Northridge Math, Science & English Instructor
Jenny Chang
Univ. of Colorado Pre-k Coordinator
Tom Christie
Univ. of Arizona Math, Science & English Instructor
John Kim
Baylor Univ. Math & English Instructor
Shaun Marksbury
Master's College English, Science, and History Instructor
Brittany Bermudez Early Childhood Amber Saare
Univ. of Texas English Instructor
Jennica Byers
Master's College Credentialed English Teacher
Jin Kim
UC-Irvine Credentialed El. Teacher
Susan Kim
CSU, Pomona Credentialed El. Teacher