Online Payment


Material Fee/ Registration Fee
Once a semester for after school program and/or setup, administration, etc.
If you payment is not available, use this option and select the appropriate number of times to create the desired amount
For Credit Class. First payment
Early registration rate, reserving class & paying for half of the tuition
For Credit Class. Final payment
Early registration rate & paying remaining half of tuition
Independent For Credit
Paying for online class
After School
Full Month
SAT- 1 Class (basecamp)
1 class
SAT- 2 Classes (basecamp)
2 classes
SAT- 3 Classes (basecamp)
3 classes
SAT material cost
Required for SAT class. Book and online SAT prep
All Day Summer
Reserving spot for summer all day program
All Day Summer weekly payment
Payment for 1 week of summer program
Seasons: Academic Class
Class fee + $25 material fee