Private Tutoring

Who needs private tutoring?

  • Students that are struggling in school and having a difficult time keeping up with daily routines and classmates are good candidates for tutoring. At Lighthouse Learning Center, we will assess your child to see where they are struggling and then make recommendations as to how to proceed. Often, we have seen that a student’s struggle in one subject area will adversely affect other areas of life or school. We understand the importance of giving the student the support he/she needs in order to catch up or surpass classmates. We will work to help your child feel success immediately to boost morale and confidence.

  • Students that are bored or not being challenged in school are also good candidates for tutoring. Because most instructors have a wide variety of academic levels in their classroom and therefore teach to the average student, many gifted children are left bored. If your child is not being challenged and even getting into trouble due to idle time, we can set up a curriculum to challenge your child and to give them enrichment beyond the classroom.

How does Private Tutoring work financially?

  • A student begins private tutoring by scheduling a meeting with our program director. During this meeting, a schedule and tutor will be selected. The price per session will depend upon the subject, tutor qualifications, and other factors. This meeting allows for the director to help match an appropriate tutor to the student. At this time, a registration and materials fee will be collected. Additionally, a refundable deposit will be collected. This deposit be will be returned when the student leaves the program.

  • The student and tutor will then begin meeting according to the schedule established with the program director. Following the session, the tutor will prepare a short progress report which will emailed to the parents. The Lighthouse database is used to record the session and keep track of the sessions.

  • If a student is unable to attend a session, they are asked to notify Lighthouse four hours before the session begins. If this is done, then there is no charge for the cancellation.

  • Billing is done on a monthly cycle. Once a month the program director will send out an electronic bill via the email. This bill can also be mailed if requested.

What is unique about Lighthouse Private Tutoring?
  • Private tutoring at Lighthouse is structured to help your student with his or her personal needs. Therefore we do not use an established curriculum which all students use, but rather we work to carefully craft an individualize plan that focuses on your students needs.
  • When a student enrolls in the program, they are matched with a particular tutor who they will regularly meet with. While some tutoring organizations will only guarantee a particular time, we guarantee that your student will regularly meet with the same tutor. This provides continuity between sessions.
  • Lighthouse has an advanced database communication system which emails feedback to the parents following every tutoring session. Thus parents are well informed upon their student's progress.
Why Lighthouse?
  • One-on-one tutoring with highly qualified instructors (group tutoring is also available upon request)
  • Competitive prices (ranging from $32-$70 an hour, ask about Saturday specials)
  • Individualized attention and curriculum
  • Flexible tutoring hours to fit the needs of the student and their family
  • Flexibility to cancel the tutoring session if needed without a penalty
Tutoring available in almost any subject!
  • All high-school mathematics including Algebra I, II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus and Calculus
  • All elementary subject areas
  • High School sciences including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Many more subjects available!
Lighthouse uses an advanced database to track and communicate student progress!
  • After each tutoring session, the tutor records what was covered in the session into our database system.
  • The system then automatically emails the student's parents providing instant communication regarding the student's progress.
  • The database records the tutoring sessions and what was covered so that the tutor can track the student's progress over time.
  • The database also allows us to communicate quickly and regularly with our students and parents to notify them of any important events or things they should be aware of (important assignments, teacher's comments, etc).
Contact the Center to schedule private tutoring at a time convenient for you. LLC instructors are available to teach all subjects at all levels, from pre-kindergarten through high school.